Thursday, 8 January 2015

Seventh Report: 1 Lot

London: Sotheby's, sale L14406, Lot 9.

Document signed by Fernando and Isabel, Toledo, 1 March 1480, granting land rights to Diego López de Pacheco in various towns and settlements of Castile (La Mancha).  Some annotations.

6 paper fols (12 pp.), 290 x 210 mm. Bound in s.XVI gilt tooled Morocco. Ex-lib of the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico.
Text and binding illustrated in sale catalogue.

Estimate: £15,000-20,000.
MIMSS no.:  LS2014112000090017.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sixth Report: 3 Lots

8 July 2014.

(a) London, Sotheby's, sale L14240, Lot 40.
     Two fragments, illuminated, 1st quarter of s.XVI (post-1502), of the Spanish translation by 
     Ambrosio Montesino of the "Vita Christi" of Ludolph of Saxony.  
     The miniatures depict (1) the Cleansing of the Temple and (2) Zaccheus receiving Jesus, this 
     one reproduced in the sale catalogue.   
     Another fragment from the same MS is reported here (at auction in France on 25 January
     2014, Lot 88 of the sale by Guillaumot-Richard, Villefranche sur Saone). 
     Estimate: £ 3000-5000
     MIMSS catalogue number: LS2014070800400014.

(b) Lot 58.
    Single-quire fragment of a Missal, early s.XVI, Latin, consisting of 3 vellum bifolia; Spain   (“central Spain [perhaps Guadalupe]” – Catalogue, p. 47). Illuminated with initials and elaborate   full borders including “naturalistic flora and fauna” and “fighting knights on horseback”, illustrated   in the catalogue.  Modern rebinding; modern Swedish provenance.
   Estimate: £6000-£8000.
   MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2014070800580015.

(c) Lot 59.
   Regla de la santa misericordia de nro señor Ihu Xpo[...] desta ciudad de Cordoua. Decorated  vellum manuscript in Spanish, Córdoba, 1561.  52 leaves; rubrication (in the literal sense);  strapwork initial “R” on title page.  Illustrated in catalogue. Contemporary binding of stamped leather over wooden boards. Recent UK provenance. Some added drawings. The Santa Misericordia fraternity includes dedication to Sta Lucía and San Julián.
  Estimate: £3000-5000.
  MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2014070800590016.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Fifth Report: 1 Lot

3 December 2013.
13. London: Sotheby's, Lot 48.
Prayerbook, in Latin and Spanish, s. XVI (post-1521).
56 fols, vellum, 172x122mm, with text block 130x82mm, decorated, and with initials.
"Perhaps" Seville, San Sebastian.
Estimate: £3000-5000.
MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2013120300480013.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Fourth Report: 1 lot

12 June 2013.
London, Bloomsbury Auctions, Sale 36058.
(a) Lot 12.
Pina, Ruy de. Cronica do muy alto e poderoso principe el Rey Dom Afonso o quinto.
s.XVI; 181 fols.; paper; 3-line initials. “Browned and stained throughout” and with other damage described in catalogue. Modern brown Morocco binding, in modern case.
Estimate: £3000-4000.
Note: Ruy de Pina (1440-1521), chronicler; Afonso V of Portugal (1432-1481).
MIMSS catalogue number: LB2013061200120012.
       Now Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Portuguese d.3.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Third Report: 3 lots

2 July 2013
London, Sotheby’s, Sale L13240
Western Manuscripts and Miniatures
(a) Lot 27.
Single leaf (fol. “CXIIIJ”) from a Gradual, Latin, on vellum, with illumination, Spain, late s.XV-early s.XVI.
Illuminated initial ‘G’ (feast of All Saints) contains saints and angels; drolleries in decoration include dragon and siren among other animal and human figures. Illustration in catalogue.
Estimate: £5000-£7000.
MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2013070200270009.
(b) Lot 28.
Single leaf from a Gradual, Latin, vellum, with illumination, Spain, 2nd quarter of s.XVI.
Initial shows Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene. Possibly associated with other recently-sold liturgical MSS possibly linked to Cardinal Archbishop Gabriel Merino (bishop of León 1517-23). Not illustrated.
Estimate: £3000-5000.
MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2013070200280010.
(c) Lot 42.
Missal, Latin, paper, with illumination, Spain, 1515.
296ff., lacking 4 leaves after f.2, some damage reported in description. Contemporary binding of blind-tooled leather over wooden boards. Inscription locates and dates the MS to Villanueva de la Reina, Jaén, 1515. Illustration in catalogue.
Estimate: £4000-6000.
MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2013070200420011.