Friday, 24 May 2013

Fourth Report: 1 lot

12 June 2013.
London, Bloomsbury Auctions, Sale 36058.
(a) Lot 12.
Pina, Ruy de. Cronica do muy alto e poderoso principe el Rey Dom Afonso o quinto.
s.XVI; 181 fols.; paper; 3-line initials. “Browned and stained throughout” and with other damage described in catalogue. Modern brown Morocco binding, in modern case.
Estimate: £3000-4000.
Note: Ruy de Pina (1440-1521), chronicler; Afonso V of Portugal (1432-1481).
MIMSS catalogue number: LB2013061200120012.
       Now Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Portuguese d.3.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Third Report: 3 lots

2 July 2013
London, Sotheby’s, Sale L13240
Western Manuscripts and Miniatures
(a) Lot 27.
Single leaf (fol. “CXIIIJ”) from a Gradual, Latin, on vellum, with illumination, Spain, late s.XV-early s.XVI.
Illuminated initial ‘G’ (feast of All Saints) contains saints and angels; drolleries in decoration include dragon and siren among other animal and human figures. Illustration in catalogue.
Estimate: £5000-£7000.
MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2013070200270009.
(b) Lot 28.
Single leaf from a Gradual, Latin, vellum, with illumination, Spain, 2nd quarter of s.XVI.
Initial shows Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene. Possibly associated with other recently-sold liturgical MSS possibly linked to Cardinal Archbishop Gabriel Merino (bishop of León 1517-23). Not illustrated.
Estimate: £3000-5000.
MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2013070200280010.
(c) Lot 42.
Missal, Latin, paper, with illumination, Spain, 1515.
296ff., lacking 4 leaves after f.2, some damage reported in description. Contemporary binding of blind-tooled leather over wooden boards. Inscription locates and dates the MS to Villanueva de la Reina, Jaén, 1515. Illustration in catalogue.
Estimate: £4000-6000.
MIMSS Catalogue number: LS2013070200420011.