Monday, 12 February 2018

Tenth Report: 5 Lots

MIMSS Manuscript Movement Report 10.
5 items; 5 lots.

[1] London: Sotheby’s, sale L17407.
5 December 2017.

(a.) Lot 10.
Ferdinand I of Naples, Single sheet vellum Latin document of 22 lines, signed, with wax seal; dated Aversa, 27 July 1479, appointing Giulio Antonio Acquaviva as Lieut.-General to the king’s son Alfonso.
Estimate: £1500-2000.
Illustrated in catalogue. MIMSS no.: LS2017120500100046.

(b.) Lot 90
Binding of a printed edition of works of Dionysius Areopagiticus (1502) is made from two leaves of a s.XIV Talmud written in Spain.
Estimate: £1000-1500.
Binding illustrated in catalogue. MIMSS no.: LS2017120500900047.

[2] London: Bloomsbury Auctions, sale 36268.
6 December 2017.

(a.) Lot 12
Cutting from a leaf of a vellum MS of the Pasionario hispánico, s. XI, in ‘transitional Visigothic miniscule’. Damaged from re-use in a binding, but script clear and distinctive, in 2 cols. Contains text for SS. Valerian, Tiburtius, and Maximus (see also next item, curiously.)
Estimate: £5000-7000.
Illustrated in catalogue. MIMSS no.: LB2017120600120048.

(b.) Lot 13.
Leaf from a lectionary, vellum, s. XIV, Spain. 2 cols of 27 lines. Decorated initials. The main text is for 14 April, SS. Valerian, Tiburtius, and Maximus.
Estimate: £300-500.
Illustrated in catalogue. MIMSS no.:  LB2017120600130049.

(c.)  Lot 116.
Leaf from a Maghribi Qur’an, on vellum, Southern Andalucia or Morocco, s.XIII. Single column.
Estimate: £250-250.

Illustrated in catalogue. MIMSS no.: LB2017120601160050.